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Uploading CSVs

August 30, 2013

Quite often at Hello Hunter we get asked the question “How do we upload CSV files for our campaign?” So I thought that probably the easiest thing I could do is write a blog about it, so here goes. Firstly to upload leads, you will need to have a list...

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White Labelling

August 22, 2013

At Hello Hunter a large portion of our customers quite often wish to White Label with us. If you are such a customer then it would help us a great deal if you could take the time to read this blog. The information below is the information we require from...

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Voice Broadcasing

August 13, 2013

Most companies either need or desire new custom, sometimes its because they are just starting out, other companies might have noticed a downward trend is their sales figures, there is probably no better way to get your message heard and heard quickly than by Voice Broadcasting. Voice message broadcasting is...

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Xlite Eyebeam error messages

August 6, 2013

As a follow up to a post 2 posts down (Xlite or EyeBeam setup), I would just like to go over some of the more common problems and errors, that hopefully haven’t, but may occur. There are a few possible error messages that may pop up on your sip phone....

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