Voice Broadcasing

August 13, 2013

Most companies either need or desire new custom, sometimes its because they are just starting out, other companies might have noticed a downward trend is their sales figures, there is probably no better way to get your message heard and heard quickly than by Voice Broadcasting.
Voice message broadcasting is a mass communication approach that delivers pre-recorded phone messages to thousands of recipients at once. Also known as robo calling or voice blast, the technology is very simple – deliver a pre-recorded voice message to any land line or mobile telephone. As part of each call, we are able to solicit responses from the customer – “press one if you agree” – or transfer the call to another location such as a your call center or voicemail facility to immediately capture the customers interest.
Statistics show that in comparison with just a direct mailing campaign, which achieves roughly about a 1% success rate, if Voice Broadcasting is used in conjunction with this, then it is possible to gain as much as a 5% increase overall. Of course it is not just as simple as buying the software and the minutes, sitting back, and watching the money roll in. Voice Broadcasting is quite simply a skill that will need some careful consideration and planning.
you must consider the broadcast itself, When you record your voice Broadcast, we suggest a friendly, warm, relaxed tone. The recording should have as close to perfect quality as you can manage, no static, jumps, and always avoid long pauses. Make your Broadcasts sound friendly and conversational. The voice broadcasting message should be ideally no longer than 60 seconds, and between 30-40 seconds is considered to be about right. It should grab the clients attention in the first 2 or 3 seconds by addressing your target in a well thought out manor.
Be sure to include, other communication channels clients can use to keep in touch with your business. Company websites, toll free numbers, monthly email newsletters, it’s very important to have your target audience engage in multiple communication channels. It also is a good idea to request communication preferences from your recipients.
It is also important to be able to differentiate between live clients on the line and voice mail. We at hello hunter have answer machine detection built into our system, and it is up to the client to choose how to use this detection to their advantage, and deliver messages accordingly.
Finally it is important to offer the client the option to opt out of the call. This is not only a FCC requirement, but also common courtesy and a way of saving yourself money, by not having a disinterested client hanging around.
If you have any questions on this subject please feel free to ask them at: support@hellohunter.com

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