How to Sign on and off of our Predictive Dialer correctly

September 16, 2013

Firstly the agent will need to click on a campaign, they next will automatically be taken to the “Contact View” tab and their X-Lite or EyeBeam(or other softphone) should start ringing.
Once the agent then answers their softphone, please make sure to NOT hang up on it. Hanging up on the softphone will also hang up on the dialer!
The agent should now hear a recorded message from a female voice through their headset saying “Finding prospects, get ready to sell!”
As soon as they hear this voice, the dialer automatically start placing calls.
When a potential client answers the phone, they will automatically be transferred to the agent.
Any information on the contact that has been uploaded into the dialer will automatically show up on the left hand side of the screen.
It is possible for the agent to update this data simply by clicking on the field they wish to update. Should there be more info to add, this can be added in the “Notes” field towards the bottom of the screen.
The “Message” field should display any action already undertaken on this particular call in order, by date (in the column to the left).
The agent can place 3 way calls, cold transfer calls and send emails etc. from this screen.
If your agents wishes to place a call on hold, the agent must do so from their softphone. (Placing calls on hold or entering phone number extensions is the only time when an agent will need to momentarily maximize softphone)
After completion of the call, the agent or contact should simply hang up. (Agent needs to click the red telephone icon with the words “Hang up” on it).
Next, the agent will be required to select a disposition from the disposition bar. A disposition is a summery of what happened during the call. For example, if the agent was successful and made a sale, they would select “Completed Sale/Goal” under the “Made Contact” category. Agents are able to select custom dispositions from here.

Finally, If the check-box that says “upon disposition, load next call” is checked, the dialer will then automatically start placing calls once a disposition has been selected. If this box is left unchecked, the agent is required to click on the green telephone icon that says “get contact” before the next call will be placed.

Once the agent has finished for the day, the should be sure to sign out in the correct manor.

Firstly, finish the call they are on, making sure to fill out any disposition information. Next the agent must click the tab towards the top right hand third of the dialer screen that says “Disconnect From Dialer”. This will hang up both sorftphone and turn of the red phone icon labeled “hang up” towards the center third of the screen.
Finally the agent MUST ALWAYS click the “logout” tab in the top right hand corner of the dialer screen. Failure to correctly logout every time can cause serious issues with the dialer.

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