White Labelling

August 22, 2013

At Hello Hunter a large portion of our customers quite often wish to White Label with us. If you are such a customer then it would help us a great deal if you could take the time to read this blog. The information below is the information we require from all our customers wishing to White Label with us. It would be also helpful if any new customers wishing to White Label, could have a list of the following and have made the appropriate checks where needed.

1) Company Name
2) Support Email Address
3) Support Phone Number
4) Transparent PNG Image of your Logo (GIF/JPEG also OK) 142×80 is best.
5) The background color(s) (solid, or gradient)

Our private label supports http://xxxxx.yourcompany.com as an interface URL. To accomplish this, point a CNAME record for xxxxx.yourcompany.com to


Please be sure to let us know when the CNAME record is added and also the full access URL. Some companies choose http://dialer.yourco.com, but the choice is entirely yours. CNAME records can usually be setup through your DNS provider, but in certain instances might need the assistance of your web hosting provider.

As a private label customer you are allowed to copy the content of our marketing site http://www.hellohunter.com and use it for your own use, as long as you provide a link-back to http://www.hellohunter.com. However, we do not typically provide any sort of mirror or private label service for our marketing website.

As part of the white label setup the customer needs to configure what is know as a CNAME record, which takes the URL that you want to use for the dialer and points it at our CDN. Which is just another server that is placed in front of ours to reduce load on our servers and provide better performance in hosting the flash files.

The new customer and also us at hellohunter need to check that customers have this configured correctly, so they can access their dialer page. We and the customer can verify this using a tool such as http://mxtoolbox.com/CNAMELookup.aspx and typing in the CNAME that the customer “said” they configured. I would say that 85% of the time the customer has made a mistake, so please be careful .

If for examples sake, you take a look at: login.bladedialer.com using the tool, you can see its an example of a correctly configured CNAME as its pointing to wac.2b2c.edgecastcdn.net, which is mentioned in the white label setup guide.

Any other output from the tool apart from the above, using the example will mean that there is some issue with their CNAME. At this point we would request our customers to either contact your domain provider to get it fixed, or most of the time we will ask for the domain provider login details so we can configure it ourselves. We hope no issues arise, but should they, customers are always welcome to email at: support@hellohunter.com or call us toll free on: +1 (800) 513-5555.

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