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Predictive Dialer: Driving down the costs for Call Centers

May 17, 2019

It takes 30 seconds for an outbound call center agent to manually dial a customer or a prospect’s number on the phone. That time, multiplied by how many an agent could call in a day can equal to more customers being contacted when the call center company uses predictive dialer...

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3 Ways How Customer Support Can Increase Brand Loyalty

April 10, 2019

                                                  3 Ways How Customer Support Can Increase Brand Loyalty In today’s digitally-driven world, customer support is a company’s most critical competitive advantage. Don’t assume your customer support strategy, or execution, is hitting the mark. Here are three ways to make customer satisfaction and brand loyalty a reality by improving...

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Predictive Campaigns

February 19, 2019

Below is the overview of the Campaigns view. Create New Campaign Learn how to Create a New Campaign. Edit a Campaign For example you want to increase or decrease calling speed (Dial Rate Override), change calling hours, or any settings that you saved when you created the campaign, you may click the pencil iconbelow the...

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Rolling in the New Year & White Label Affiliation!

January 3, 2019

  We at Predictive Dialer Limited Just want to say, Happy New Year to all of our friends and partners that we are blessed to be connected with around the world. We wanted to talk more about white labeling services, and bringing the new year in with additional brand opportunities. White...

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