TeleDialer Auto/Predictive Product Roadmap

March 2, 2009

As we conduct our beta testing, we are always excited to learn about the new feature enhancements our customers want, and how it can better improve our product. To provide some transparency to our beta testers (and potential clients) with our development efforts I’ll be using this space to provide a quick roadmap on features and their expected implementations. We push updates out about every other day, so expect this information to change often.

  • Call Statistics (Added 28 Feb)
  • Disposition bar (added 28 Feb)
  • VoIP connection Support (early-March 2009)
  • Improved Navigation Features (early-March 2009)
  • Live Call Transfer (mid-March 2009)
  • Recorded Message Leaving (mid-March 2009)
  • The Que Dialing (early April 2009)
  • Salesforce Integration (April 2009)
  • Email integration (April 2009)
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