How Does TeleDialer Work With My Phone

February 24, 2009

A common question I have been getting is how does¬†TeleDialer ¬†work with my existing phone. Here’s how it works. Our dialer software has access to several hundred phone lines throughout the country. When you initiate a predictive call from a web browser, our telephones call your phone. Your phone receives a normal phone call.

When you pick-up you hear a Hello Hunter welcome message followed by a doorbell sound. The doorbell sound indicates our dialing algorithm is attempting to connect to one of your contacts. When a contact is found we conference the two calls together. When the contact hangs-up, you or your calling agent can stay on the phone and initiate a new call via the web interface.

There are no telco related charges to your phone.

If you are a geek like me, we also support VoIP via SIP/IAX connections.

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