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Wholesale Hosted PBX

July 20, 2014

Hello Hunter is pleased to announce that we are now offering Hosted PBX services aimed at resellers. The PBX features everything needed for small to medium sized office phone systems. With a easy to use web interface, our system supports multi-tenancy allowing many offices to run from a single server....

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Uploading CSVs

August 30, 2013

Quite often at Hello Hunter we get asked the question “How do we upload CSV files for our campaign?” So I thought that probably the easiest thing I could do is write a blog about it, so here goes. Firstly to upload leads, you will need to have a list...

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White Labelling

August 22, 2013

At Hello Hunter a large portion of our customers quite often wish to White Label with us. If you are such a customer then it would help us a great deal if you could take the time to read this blog. The information below is the information we require from...

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Voice Broadcasing

August 13, 2013

Most companies either need or desire new custom, sometimes its because they are just starting out, other companies might have noticed a downward trend is their sales figures, there is probably no better way to get your message heard and heard quickly than by Voice Broadcasting. Voice message broadcasting is...

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