Wholesale Hosted PBX

Hello Hunter is pleased to announce that we are now offering Hosted PBX services aimed at resellers. The PBX features everything needed for small to medium sized office phone systems. With a easy to use web interface, our system supports multi-tenancy allowing many offices to run from a single server. Based on Freeswitch we have built in billing systems allowing pre-paid credits to customer accounts. Dedicated servers are priced at $400 per month and come with a customized whitelabed portal containing your company logo. We have one of our larger resellers trial the product running 100 + extensions. To date this service is successful. If you are a current Hello Hunter customer or are looking to provide PBX services please contact us at support@hellohunter.com for a demo and more information.

Firstly the agent will need to click on a campaign, they next will automatically be taken to the “Contact View” tab and their X-Lite or EyeBeam(or other softphone) should start ringing.
Once the agent then answers their softphone, please make sure to NOT hang up on it. Hanging up on the softphone will also hang up on the dialer!
The agent should now hear a recorded message from a female voice through their headset saying “Finding prospects, get ready to sell!”
As soon as they hear this voice, the dialer automatically start placing calls.
When a potential client answers the phone, they will automatically be transferred to the agent.
Any information on the contact that has been uploaded into the dialer will automatically show up on the left hand side of the screen.
It is possible for the agent to update this data simply by clicking on the field they wish to update. Should there be more info to add, this can be added in the “Notes” field towards the bottom of the screen.
The “Message” field should display any action already undertaken on this particular call in order, by date (in the column to the left).
The agent can place 3 way calls, cold transfer calls and send emails etc. from this screen.
If your agents wishes to place a call on hold, the agent must do so from their softphone. (Placing calls on hold or entering phone number extensions is the only time when an agent will need to momentarily maximize softphone)
After completion of the call, the agent or contact should simply hang up. (Agent needs to click the red telephone icon with the words “Hang up” on it).
Next, the agent will be required to select a disposition from the disposition bar. A disposition is a summery of what happened during the call. For example, if the agent was successful and made a sale, they would select “Completed Sale/Goal” under the “Made Contact” category. Agents are able to select custom dispositions from here.

Finally, If the check-box that says “upon disposition, load next call” is checked, the dialer will then automatically start placing calls once a disposition has been selected. If this box is left unchecked, the agent is required to click on the green telephone icon that says “get contact” before the next call will be placed.

Once the agent has finished for the day, the should be sure to sign out in the correct manor.

Firstly, finish the call they are on, making sure to fill out any disposition information. Next the agent must click the tab towards the top right hand third of the dialer screen that says “Disconnect From Dialer”. This will hang up both sorftphone and turn of the red phone icon labeled “hang up” towards the center third of the screen.
Finally the agent MUST ALWAYS click the “logout” tab in the top right hand corner of the dialer screen. Failure to correctly logout every time can cause serious issues with the dialer.

Uploading CSVs

Quite often at Hello Hunter we get asked the question “How do we upload CSV files for our campaign?” So I thought that probably the easiest thing I could do is write a blog about it, so here goes.

Firstly to upload leads, you will need to have a list of leads saved on your computer that are in CSV format.

Should your leads not be in CSV format,you will need to convert them, this is fairly simple. Firstly, open the saved file in Microsoft Excel. Next, you will need to go to the top left hand side of the screen and go to “Save As”. You should select “Excel workbook” and select the option in the drop-down box that reads “Save as type”. Next find the field that says comma delimited CSV format then click “Save”. You should next be prompted twice with pop-up boxes, click “yes” or “OK” to both. Your file should now be saved in the correct CSV format.

So now, you will need to upload your list of phone numbers and information to our dialer. You must next click on the “Campaign” tab. Next you must look for the icon that looks like an excel spreadsheet. (it will say “upload contacts” when hovering the arrow over it) Click on the icon. You must now click on “Find CSV”. Locate your file and click “open”. Now, your list of contacts should appear in the box. You will next need to associate your spreadsheet columns in our dialer.
Should your database fields happen to match exactly how they are displayed in your spreadsheet, then you should click the “Auto Assign” button, and our dialer will automatically complete this process for you.

Now that your database fields are associated correctly, you now must go through the check boxes located on the bottom left hand side. Over to the right you will see a box that says “Available Fields”. Should you have any Custom Fields, they should have appeared here. You can simply drag and drop the fields to the corresponding headers on the left hand side. Should you wish to randomize the order in which your calls are made, you should leave the top box checked. Should you wish our dialer call your contacts in order, from top to bottom in the spreadsheet, it will be necessary to un-check that box.

Please not that: If the dialer says to leave that box checked, but the box is NOT required to be checked then leave the next check-box checked, should you want the list you are currently uploading to be scrubbed for duplicates.
Check-box number 3 is to be checked only if wish to check for duplicate records on our dialer. This will include all of the phone numbers you have uploaded to all campaigns in the dialer. You should no check box number 4 if you want to have the dialer scrub against duplicates in this campaign only.

Lastly, to continue uploading, you will be required to check the last box that says “I am allowed to call these contacts”. Upon the last box being checked the “upload” button should now appear. You must then click the upload button, and you will notice that your leads being uploaded from the status bar. The dialer should now inform you that your leads are currently being uploaded and this may take up to 10 minutes. Now click OK, and you are finished!
You are now free to exit out of the upload screen. You will know when your list has finished uploading as you see an orange circle appear next to your campaign. If you hover your arrow over that circle, you can see some general statistics on that particular campaign.

White Labelling

At Hello Hunter a large portion of our customers quite often wish to White Label with us. If you are such a customer then it would help us a great deal if you could take the time to read this blog. The information below is the information we require from all our customers wishing to White Label with us. It would be also helpful if any new customers wishing to White Label, could have a list of the following and have made the appropriate checks where needed.

1) Company Name
2) Support Email Address
3) Support Phone Number
4) Transparent PNG Image of your Logo (GIF/JPEG also OK) 142×80 is best.
5) The background color(s) (solid, or gradient)

Our private label supports http://xxxxx.yourcompany.com as an interface URL. To accomplish this, point a CNAME record for xxxxx.yourcompany.com to


Please be sure to let us know when the CNAME record is added and also the full access URL. Some companies choose http://dialer.yourco.com, but the choice is entirely yours. CNAME records can usually be setup through your DNS provider, but in certain instances might need the assistance of your web hosting provider.

As a private label customer you are allowed to copy the content of our marketing site http://www.hellohunter.com and use it for your own use, as long as you provide a link-back to http://www.hellohunter.com. However, we do not typically provide any sort of mirror or private label service for our marketing website.

As part of the white label setup the customer needs to configure what is know as a CNAME record, which takes the URL that you want to use for the dialer and points it at our CDN. Which is just another server that is placed in front of ours to reduce load on our servers and provide better performance in hosting the flash files.

The new customer and also us at hellohunter need to check that customers have this configured correctly, so they can access their dialer page. We and the customer can verify this using a tool such as http://mxtoolbox.com/CNAMELookup.aspx and typing in the CNAME that the customer “said” they configured. I would say that 85% of the time the customer has made a mistake, so please be careful .

If for examples sake, you take a look at: login.bladedialer.com using the tool, you can see its an example of a correctly configured CNAME as its pointing to wac.2b2c.edgecastcdn.net, which is mentioned in the white label setup guide.

Any other output from the tool apart from the above, using the example will mean that there is some issue with their CNAME. At this point we would request our customers to either contact your domain provider to get it fixed, or most of the time we will ask for the domain provider login details so we can configure it ourselves. We hope no issues arise, but should they, customers are always welcome to email at: support@hellohunter.com or call us toll free on: +1 (800) 513-5555.

Voice Broadcasing

Most companies either need or desire new custom, sometimes its because they are just starting out, other companies might have noticed a downward trend is their sales figures, there is probably no better way to get your message heard and heard quickly than by Voice Broadcasting.
Voice message broadcasting is a mass communication approach that delivers pre-recorded phone messages to thousands of recipients at once. Also known as robo calling or voice blast, the technology is very simple – deliver a pre-recorded voice message to any land line or mobile telephone. As part of each call, we are able to solicit responses from the customer – “press one if you agree” – or transfer the call to another location such as a your call center or voicemail facility to immediately capture the customers interest.
Statistics show that in comparison with just a direct mailing campaign, which achieves roughly about a 1% success rate, if Voice Broadcasting is used in conjunction with this, then it is possible to gain as much as a 5% increase overall. Of course it is not just as simple as buying the software and the minutes, sitting back, and watching the money roll in. Voice Broadcasting is quite simply a skill that will need some careful consideration and planning.
you must consider the broadcast itself, When you record your voice Broadcast, we suggest a friendly, warm, relaxed tone. The recording should have as close to perfect quality as you can manage, no static, jumps, and always avoid long pauses. Make your Broadcasts sound friendly and conversational. The voice broadcasting message should be ideally no longer than 60 seconds, and between 30-40 seconds is considered to be about right. It should grab the clients attention in the first 2 or 3 seconds by addressing your target in a well thought out manor.
Be sure to include, other communication channels clients can use to keep in touch with your business. Company websites, toll free numbers, monthly email newsletters, it’s very important to have your target audience engage in multiple communication channels. It also is a good idea to request communication preferences from your recipients.
It is also important to be able to differentiate between live clients on the line and voice mail. We at hello hunter have answer machine detection built into our system, and it is up to the client to choose how to use this detection to their advantage, and deliver messages accordingly.
Finally it is important to offer the client the option to opt out of the call. This is not only a FCC requirement, but also common courtesy and a way of saving yourself money, by not having a disinterested client hanging around.
If you have any questions on this subject please feel free to ask them at: support@hellohunter.com

As a follow up to a post 2 posts down (Xlite or EyeBeam setup), I would just like to go over some of the more common problems and errors, that hopefully haven’t, but may occur. There are a few possible error messages that may pop up on your sip phone. Listed below are the most common error codes you may see, and the reasons why they are occurring.

My xlite or EyeBeam is saying: “404 Registration Error”

This error normally occurs when the information imputed into you sip account settings is not correct. You will need to go back and check through your sip account settings to try and locate the mistake and correct it. (how to do this is by simply following the blog 2 blogs down from here).

My xlite or EyeBeam is saying: “408 – Request Timed Out”

Should you see a 408 error from x-lite or EyeBeam as a rule this means you are not getting any response from the sip registration server which you are trying to connect to with. There are multiple reasons why this may occur but this may be caused by:

1. Your SIP Settings are incorrect
2. Your router is not configured correctly or may not support this application
3. A firewall may be blocking this from working
4. Anti-spyware is blocking this from working

You can try disabling any firewall software you have running on your desktop temporarily, including Windows Firewall. The same also applies for Anti-spyware.
It is also advisable to try connecting directly to your DSL/cable modem and bypassing your router this will determine if the router is causing any problems.

Should you see the” Error 500″ message

If you are using Xlite or EyeBeam and while trying to log in, you get the error 500 message this probably means that your ISP (Internet Service Provider) does not have the ability to facilitate VOIP calls over their network.
You can contact your Internet Service Provide and ask them to assist you with making the correct changes needed to your router. Hopefully these changes will facilitate the working of VOIP services.

Should any of these errors still reoccur after taking the steps listed above, please feel free to email us at support@hellohunter.com.

A predictive dialer calls a list of telephone or cell phone numbers and connects dialed calls that are answered to people making calls, sometimes referred to as agents. Predictive dialers use algorithms to help minimize the time that agents spend waiting between calls and conversations, and also the likelihood of someone answering when no agent is available.

If you are manually dialing numbers one at a time, there are two common sources for delay. Firstly, only a relatively small fraction of dials are actually answered. So, for examples sake, if 1 out of 3 dials are actually answered, a predictive dialer might dial 3 lines every time an agent becomes available. Secondly, of course even dials that are answered may take some time before being actually picked up. For example, If it typically takes 10 seconds for someone to answer the phone, and a conversation may normally last 90 seconds, then a predictive dialer may well start dialing at 80 seconds.

Dialing one number at a time, only when an agent is available, will typically keep agents utilized for 40 minutes per hour (33% idle time). Predictive dialing can increase utilization to 57 minutes per hour (5% idle time).

Hello Hunters Predictive Dialer comes with many features that will help you managing your business better than ever before.

Your agents can effortlessly set up email templates, which are easily sent from our dialer utilizing their own email address for the return of corresponding mail.

you can dial up to 5 lines at a time per single agent, you can also incorporate your leads information into scripts, to make it simple and time saving.

No longer will the agent have to search between applications on their desktop.

You can upload a custom pre recorded voice mail message, that you can have the dialer leave when you call reaches an answer machine with our (AMD) answer machine detection system.

Upload as many leads as you need to.

Create a limitless number of campaigns as and when you want.

You can listen in live to agents, which is useful when training new recruits or just simply checking up on less productive members.

CRM is easily integrated and takes no time at all.

The ability to record all the calls your agents are making, and store them within your campaigns so you can download and listen to them at a later date.

These and many other great features are all available With our Hello Hunter Predictive Dialer.
Feel free to contact us with questions about this or any other product at: support@hellohunter.com

Here at hello Hunter we often get asked by new customers (and sometimes by existing customers) “which is the best Sip Phone to use with your system?”. Although there is a host of options available we tend to only recommend two. Firstly is X-lite, while this is perfectly adequate for the job, and is pretty similar to our second choice (Eyebeam), overall we prefer to use Eyebeam ourselves, and for that reason recommend our customers may also like to do so. Eyebeam can be downloaded free of charge via the internet, and we can provide a license free of charge to all our customers if needed. This can be obtained by our customers by emailing: support@hellohunter.com. Once you have downloaded either of our two preferred options you will need to configure it by following these simple instructions:

1. Download X-lite or Eyebeam and install it. (if Eyebeam and you have obtained a license from us, please insert it when prompted)

2. Open your Predictive Dialer account with Hello Hunter and log in.

3. Select the Admin tab from the menu bar, and click on the blue icon located near the middle of the screen about a third of the way down, labeled Edit Connection Method.

4. Next select the second option labeled: Sip Phone – software or hardware like X-lite or Zoiper. (you may now wish to take a note of the information labeled, Display Name/Auth User Name/Username, Password and Domain. Although the same information is also located under the settings tab on the Hello Hunter screen in the bottom left hand corner). Click Save Changes.

5. Now, open X-lite or Eyebeam and click on the top left tab. Find and click on “Sip Account Settings”. Then proceed to fill in the fields with the relevant information, Display Name, User Name, Password, Authorization User Name and Domain.

6. Under the Domain Proxy part be sure that Register with Domain and receive incoming calls is checked, and that Target Domain is selected. Then press Apply and OK.

7. Next you should see on your Sip Phone, Your username is Sip_****. This means it is configured correctly.

8. As a final check that everything is configured correctly, Click on your Settings Tab on the Hello Hunter screen, and click on: Test Sip Phone Registration and Setup. (This is located near the center of the screen, 2 thirds of the way down in blue writing).

If everything is configured correctly, your phone will ring, a phone icon will pop up in the bottom right corner, and when you click on the green phone icon you will hear a recorded message.

If for any reason this doesn’t happen, please go back and check all your settings again. If you still can’t find the route of the problem then you can always email us at: support@hellohunter.com.

Here at Hello Hunter we receive a number of common issues which can easily be avoided or detected by our customers, by using a few simple diagnostic tools.

In this blog I would like to touch on a few methods for either avoiding or detecting regularly occurring issues.

For example, if you find you or your customers call centers expanding, many of our clients choose to hire extra staff from places such as the Philippine’s and India. While this makes perfect business sense, as labor is relatively cheep and the level of spoken English is excellent, it can however throw up other problems as internet connections are not exactly the best on occasions.

We would therefore recommend before starting new employees, that they undergo certain checks before starting.

The first test we would recommend would be a VoIP Test — http://myspeed.visualware.com/indexvoip.php

The VoIP test is a good way to test for potential problems before they occur. If it’s a new client or member of staff, it is advisable to have them run this test. If it’s a client calling from outside of the US, it is a must to have them run the test. It will not find any temporary issues, but it will give you something to gauge where next to look. If the report comes back great, then run WinMTR. If the test comes back bad, then the client or new member of staff needs to find ways to fix the issues that have presented themself. If the test results comes back neutral (so-so) then that result plus the occasional issue on WinMTR would spell problems. Again, VoIP test gives you more of a basis to determine how susceptible to problems the client or new member is. And this test is very easy to run with easy to read results.

As mentioned above next is WinMTR WinMTR is used for establishing Multiple Traceroutes and can be downloaded here:http://winmtr.net/

WinMTR has a separate blog wrote about it, and for a more complete picture I suggest reading that blog. As a general guide though, WinMTR is a highly recommended tool, but is generally most useful when established users suddenly develop a problem, rather than being a tool to be a sole means of testing for new users. It is a very useful tool to have in your tool bag, and a highly recommended MUST for all users.

Finally we come to bandwidth testing, this can be tested at http://www.speedtest.net/.

This tool of the trio is probably the least useful of the three. Its primary use would be if you are trying to run numerous agents from a single location. That being said its still a handy tool to keep in mind for such situations.

Suggested Questions that may present themselves and appropriate solutions.

1) I’m having audio issues on VoIP. Is the issue related to your system or my network?

2) I’m going to hire someone and I want to know if they’ll be able to make high quality calls. Is there a way to find out?

Run the VoIP test. Explain how to run it and which location to test against.

3) I’ve determined there’s something wrong with my connection to your host. Is there anything I can use to show me where the issue is happening? And any details I can provide to help resolve this matter?

4) Something odd happens on the network once in a while, and I can’t seem to figure it out.

5) My connection drops to the server, cutting off my phone calls.

Run WinMTR or a basic trace route. WinMTR though will be able to catch the occasional issue where a regular trace route wont.

6) Can my connection support a number of agents from our location?

we would suggest running them all — VoIP test, WinMTR, and Bandwidth test.

The lowest rate we provide is 1 cent per min and this is the lowest rate around. However we still do get customers asking for price matching as they have found better rates. This may be true on the surface however there are a number of points to consider when looking at a call rate. There are many ways in which providers can offer a seemingly low rate and then cheat to make up the difference. These are some of the things to look out for.

Billing Increments – This this how the billing is rounded for the length of a call. Most providers offering low rates will bill at 60 second increments meaning any call length under one minute will be charged for the whole minute. As an example let us take a 20 second call billed by a cheap provider at $0.008 per min using 60 seconds billing increments. That call is going to cost $0.008. We offer 6 second billing increments at $0.01 per min which would make that same call be billed for only 24 seconds and cost $0.004. As you can see from this our rate works out 50% cheaper.

Billing for unanswered calls – Providers can and do charge for unanswered calls or simply over change as a way to cheat customers. Unless you pay very close attention to the calls you placed and your billing it is possible that the providers can get away with this as well. At hello hunter we are primarily software developers selling our own product and do not have any interest in cheating our customers. You will only ever be billed for the calls that successfully connect and will have access to CDR records and other billing information to verify this.

Dead Air – This happens when a provider charges for call termination but terminates the call to silence. Both parties will hear nothing. At Hello Hunter we continually monitor the termination of our calls to make sure it is successful. We run random captures of audio packets and listen to them to make sure calls are completed as expected and if we find any issues we deal with it straight away.

With our rates of 1 cent per minute you know you are not being cheated and we are actively working to prevent this kind of fraud.