Are you being cheated by your provider?

June 6, 2013

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The lowest rate we provide is 1 cent per min and this is the lowest rate around. However we still do get customers asking for price matching as they have found better rates. This may be true on the surface however there are a number of points to consider when looking at a call rate. There are many ways in which providers can offer a seemingly low rate and then cheat to make up the difference. These are some of the things to look out for.

Billing Increments – This this how the billing is rounded for the length of a call. Most providers offering low rates will bill at 60 second increments meaning any call length under one minute will be charged for the whole minute. As an example let us take a 20 second call billed by a cheap provider at $0.008 per min using 60 seconds billing increments. That call is going to cost $0.008. We offer 6 second billing increments at $0.01 per min which would make that same call be billed for only 24 seconds and cost $0.004. As you can see from this our rate works out 50% cheaper.

Billing for unanswered calls – Providers can and do charge for unanswered calls or simply over change as a way to cheat customers. Unless you pay very close attention to the calls you placed and your billing it is possible that the providers can get away with this as well. At hello hunter we are primarily software developers selling our own product and do not have any interest in cheating our customers. You will only ever be billed for the calls that successfully connect and will have access to CDR records and other billing information to verify this.

Dead Air – This happens when a provider charges for call termination but terminates the call to silence. Both parties will hear nothing. At Hello Hunter we continually monitor the termination of our calls to make sure it is successful. We run random captures of audio packets and listen to them to make sure calls are completed as expected and if we find any issues we deal with it straight away.

With our rates of 1 cent per minute you know you are not being cheated and we are actively working to prevent this kind of fraud.

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