Why Us ?

April 28, 2013

Apart from providing the cheapest rates in the Industry there is a long list of benefits that come from using Hello Hunter services.

• We provide the best support. Any time you speak to us with a support enquiry you should know that you are speaking directly a support engineer or an actual product developer. Our staff is mainly made up of software engineers and developers which mean you will receive support based on a thorough understanding of the product. We will try our best to assist with any issues that arise when using our dialer.

• Most of the time our technical support will answer sales enquires meaning that we are not going to give you incorrect or misleading information about the product. We are developers who want to give the customer an unbiased view of our product not sales people offering the hard sell.

• Our server infrastructure is carefully designed to insure that down time is minimal.

• We have worked hard to establish long business relationships with our wholesale providers meaning we can pass on the lowest rates possible while making sure calls are terminated at the highest quality.

• Both our predictive dialer and voice broadcast solutions have been tried and tested and are proven to provide results. We have a number of successful resellers offering our solutions as well as large sales teams using them all of who have had great success with our services.

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